Episode 100 Celebration with Lex Daddio: food freedom, birth, transitioning to two kids and more!



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WE HIT 100 EPISODES! In just over a year and a half, here we are at ONE HUNDRED episodes. Whew, what a ride it has been! I have never been more grateful for each one of you listening and supporting this podcast! I truly would not be here if it weren’t for each one of you listening! Today we are celebrating 100 Episodes with returning guest Lex Daddio from Restoring Radiance!

Lex’s first episode: Episode 014

This was SUCH a fun episode to record.
We talked about:
– An update on Lex’s life- what’s new? (Hint: a lot!)
– She has a new baby and shares her INCREDIBLE birth story (you don’t want to miss this one!!)
– What food freedom looks like for her, now
– Her huge love of baking and enjoying food and she answered listener Q and A’s:

  1. How was your second pregnancy different than your first?
  2. How was your postpartum recovery (with T and with Noah?)
  3. What has the transition from 1 to 2 kids looked like? What has been easy and what has been hard?
  4. How do you and Thomas balance cooking with two kids- how do you decide who does the cooking, who does the shopping, etc?
  5. Is there anything you are doing differently with Noah than you did with T? Anything you’ve learned since having T you want to implement?

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About Lex: Lex Daddio is a wife and mama of two little boys & lives in Richmond, VA. She’s a totally foodie & absolutely loves to bake & share her passion for good food! From eating disorder, to intuitive eating, to finally finding such a freedom around food, she hopes to share that life after an eating disorder is possible. Having a normal relationship with food is possible. That freedom is possible. She’s all about finding the simple joys in the everyday & very into baking all the things!

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