BONUS Ep. 101 Couples Q + A: Family Planning, hormonal birth control, body image during pregnancy



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You asked… and we answered!I asked for a call for questions for the podcast and I got some good ones, but thought these ones in particular were best suited for both my husband and myself- so I asked him back on for a couples Q + A, and here we are!We answered… 

  1. Favorite quality in each other as a parent and husband/wife?
  2. I’d love to know more about your family planning/plans/previous thoughts on growing your family. Did you always want two kids? Would you ever like more? What are your thoughts on hormonal birth control especially in relation to balance our hormones as women?
  3. Was anything my husband did/said that were helpful during all the body changes in pregnancy?
  4.  I know you’re into the enneagram. What are your enneagram types? Have you seen this impact your marriage?

Our last episode together: Episode 074

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