Ep. 268: Q + A: Sister Edition (the highs and lows of childhood to adult sibling relationships, living with a sister with an eating disorder and more than a hint of 90’s and ’00’s nostalglia)



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 I don’t know the last time I had this much fun recording a podcast episode- but when you get me and my sister in a room together, it’s bound to be a good time! It wasn’t always that way, though- in today’s episode we adventure through listener questions on our relationship as sisters, advice for finding a deeper sister relationship as adults, (our very non-professional) tips for cultivating a good sibling relationship in kids and how my own struggles with food and body image affected my sister’s relationship with food, as well as a ton of nostalgic tangents on everything from our mutual past love of the Olsen twins, my unfortunate high school fashion choices, misadventures of having a ball python as a pet and whether or not I actually stole Ali’s favorite cds for my ‘famous’ CD room border. If you’re here for some 90’s and ’00’s nostalgia sandwiched between some solid sister advice- you’ll love this episode!

NOTE: We do get into a discussion about a topic you might prefer your kids to not as questions about (starting around 52:00) as well as discuss eating disorders (starting around 67:00). 

Questions we answer: 

  1. How has your relationship changed from growing up until now? 
  2. What did you fight about as kids? 
  3. Tips on keeping or finding a deeper sister relationship as adults
  4. Things you have in common and things you don’t 
  5. Tips on cultivating a good (sibling) relationship for kids
  6. How did Kris’s struggle with food impact your own relationship with food? 

Books Mentioned: 

Taste: My life through food by Stanley Tucci https://amzn.to/3xP2h8C

The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley (not at all her first book, as I inferred in the podcast!) https://amzn.to/3JZ6edl

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