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We’ve made it friends, it’s the end of another crazy year, so my Top 10 Episodes of The Healthy Balanced Mama Podcast (in 2021) is here!

As always, I had SO much fun inviting new guests and sharing new topics on the podcast, this year. We talked about:

… and SO much more!

This year, the podcast reached over 80,00 women (!!) in over 90 countries around the world. To say I’m honored my voice and guests has reached that far around the world is an understatement!

I am SO grateful for each and every one of you who have tuned in, this year, whether you’re a weekly listener or occasionally tune in, I appreciate you and the podcast wouldn’t be a success without you!

I am also SO thankful for all the incredible reviews we’ve received over the past year– your ratings and reviews mean the world, and they’re how the podcast has continued to grow over the past almost THREE years!

I can’t wait to bring more incredible topics and guests into 2022!

Without further ado, this year’s Top 10 Podcast Episodes for healthy living for moms:

1) Creating Systems for Mom Life with Chelsi Jo


2) Holistically Healthy Kids with Joy McCarthy

3) Dress for mom life with confidence with celebrity stylist Jammie Baker

4) Mind-Body Connection for Moms with Danielle Havens, RN

5) The 6 Needs of Every Child with Amy and Jeffrey Olrick

6) The Feel Good Effect with Robyn Conley Downs

7) Food Freedom: Five Years Later

8) Food Stress and Hormone Imbalance with Dr. Heather Rhodes (Part 1)

9) SEASON 3 FINALE Q + A: Food Trends, Travel and Friendship with Kris, her sister and her best guy friend

10) Nutrition in the Kitchen with Meghan Telpner

I am so grateful for you, friends! Have a healthy, happy and safe New Year’s, and I’ll catch you back on the pod in 2022!

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