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Our family has been camping since our girls were tiny- it’s one of our favorite inexpensive activities in the summer and fall and it has been so fun to see the girls fall in love with the great outdoors as much as my husband and I do. I love everything about camping- sipping coffee (or a good whiskey) by the fire, going on long walks around the campsite, laying by the lake, going on night walks to stargaze… but what I might love even more than all of those things is camp cooking! I have so much fun coming up with fun, unique ideas to cook over the campfire and on the camp stove.

One of the best parts of camp cooking, I think- is not just enjoying the meal fireside, but how little equipment you truly need for a delicious meal.

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Whether you’re a make-ahead and re-heat camper or a cook-it-all-over-the-fire camper, here are some of our family’s favorite camping meals:

Make-ahead meals:

  • Taco Meat– this is so easy to make ahead and reheat on the camp stove! We love making tacos or ‘walking tacos’ (an old girl scout recipe) in a bag of chips!
  • Shredded Chicken- use for tacos or to make campfire enchiladas
  • Marinated meat (steak or chicken) is perfect for cooking over the fire (as skewers), in foil (keep separate if it’s raw) or on a griddle!
  • Pre-made foil packets- the sky is the limit! We love sausage and vegetables, chicken (pre-cooked) or black beans, corn and rice, and fajita-style (you can also make chicken or steak fajitas on a griddle!)
  • Beef and Butternut Chili & cornbread- reheat on the fire in a dutch oven or on the camp stove  
  • Pasta salad (my BLT pasta salad is a family favorite!)
  • Pasta- pre-cook (don’t forget to season!) and store in ziploc bags with a little drizzle of olive oil to keep from sticking. Serve with meat sauce or meatballs- which brings me to…
  • Meatballs pre-cook, reheat and serve on toasted sub rolls or over pasta with sauce and parmesan cheese 
  • Baked Mac and Cheese- make ahead and re-heat over the fire with foil over top.
  • Pulled Pork

Easy Camping Meals: 

  • Kabobs- Hawaiian Beef Kabobs, Greek Marinated Chicken and Veggies, or Balsamic Steak & Veggies are family favorites
  • Grilled Cheese + Tomato Soup (canned or make ahead)
  • Chicken sausages or hot dogs on a stick 
  • Campfire Nachos (you can make these on a camp stove, as well!)
  • Burgers or steak and Salad
  • Sloppy Joes 
  • Tortellini Sausage Soup (this works to make ahead, as well!)
  • Foil packets:
    • Chicken Sausage and veggies 
    • Shrimp, Corn, chorizo, zucchini + old bay 
    • Kielbasa, Cabbage & Potatoes (be sure to cut the potatoes extra small)
    • Southwestern Chicken- black bean, corn, rice, salsa and guacamole 
    • BBQ Chicken- Chicken, corn, peppers, bbq sauce, ranch & green onions on top 
    • Steak, peppers and onions (add cheese for a philly cheesesteak feel) 
  • Campfire Fajitas
  • Naan bread pizzas
  • Quesadillas

Some of our favorite easy sides:

  • Corn (shuck, drizzle with oil and a sprinkle of salt and cover with foil- place directly on the coals)
  • Beans & Rice (pre-made is easy!)
  • Salad kits
  • Vegetable skewers


  • Eggs and bacon on the griddle
  • French Toast 
  • Pancakes (we use the Birch Benders brand mix)
  • Pre-made breakfast sandwiches or breakfast burritos (defrost and cook in foil over the fire)
  • Cereal and milk (we get the Horizon Organic tetrapacks)
  • Oat Flour Muffins 
  • Cast-iron hash 
  • Cast-iron frittata 
  • Overnight oats- great if you don’t want to cook
  • Oatmeal cups

Dessert/Fun food:

  • S’mores (of course!)
  • Monkey Bread (use cinnamon rolls or biscuits and cinnamon sugar!)
  • Fruit crumble (easy to make ahead and reheat)
  • Banana boats (banana split in half- keep it in the peel; topped with chocolate chips, marshmallows and your favorite toppings, wrapped in foil and cooked over the coats to melt)
  • Baked apples over the fire

Non-perishable Snacks:

  • Energy balls
  • Meat sticks
  • Beef Jerky
  • Crackers and popcorn
  • Apples and oranges (last much longer than bananas or berries!)

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