Ep. 240: The Gut-Hormone Connection with Lahana Vigliano, board certified clinical nutritionist



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Lahana Vigliano joins me today to discuss the fascinating connection between gut health and balanced hormones. She shares why the simple question “why?” can be so powerful in identifying what is going on in your body when something feels off. Often, the answer has something to do with your gut!Lahana holds a Bachelor of Nutrition Science degree and is almost finished with her Masters of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine. As you’ll hear during our interview, this wife and mama of two is passionate about women’s health!It’s incredibly empowering when you can get to the root cause of any health issues you are experiencing, which starts with understanding what is going on in your body. Learning the power that food and our lifestyle choices have on gut health and hormones balance is key!

I couldn’t agree more with Lahana’s philosophy that there is not just one way to approach our health when it comes to balancing hormones and gut health. All bodies are unique and what helps will vary from person to person. Agreed! Today we chat about:

  • how hormones impact anxiety and PMS
  • the role gut health plays in hormones and our mood
  • the simple things we can do improve hormonal imbalances
  • how healing your gut can heal your hormones and how everything is interconnected
  • the power of starting with the basics when trying to heal your gut

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