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It's time to take the stress out of weekday meals!

Hosted by trained chef, culinary nutritionist and mama of two, the Healthy Mama Kitchen Podcast is here to guide you in making healthy eating easy and accessible by simplifying your meal plan, demystifying meal prep and helping you learn to cook your family delicious, nutrient-dense meals along the way- without spending hours in the kitchen or thousands of dollars a month at whole foods. 

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Food freedom, transitioning to two kids, falling in love with food and more with Lex Daddio


Real Food for Pregnancy with Lily Nichols, RDN


Creating Systems to bring more ease into motherhood with Chelsi Jo

The Fifth Vital Sign for fertility and beyond with Lisa Hendrickson-Jack



 Digestive struggles and intuitive eating with Katherine Herbison

Dress for mom life with confidence with celebrity stylist Jammie Baker



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"I'm loving this podcast because I'm on a journey to heal my body through food, and Kris gives such tangible and practical tips I can use in my everyday, full life. I'm all about making healthy food delicious!"
- Gabe

"Kris gives such tangible and practical tips I can use in my everyday, full life"

There's so much variety in her topics and guests, but all themes encompass supporting yourself as a mother or woman. She is so real and genuine, and it is such a highlight to listen to her during my morning walks. Thank you Kris!" -Listener Jb359876

"I love this podcast so much! I've worked hard on myself this year with my thoughts about diets and food and I feel like Kris' content really supports that.

I love how she can break down systems and give practical tips to being more aware of what matters. She also interview interesting people and I appreciate ALL the perspectives!" -KayRallo

"I have loved following along with Kris' journey to deconstruct complicated eating and food prep!

I spent way too many years of my life in what felt like an on-again, off-again relationship with healthy living. From struggling with yo-yo dieting, to obsessing over being the perfect parent, having a constantly clean house or even just looking like I had it all together (when in reality, life was anything but)- I know what it feels like to swing from extreme to extreme, trying to find that elusive middle. What I've learned in over a decade in the health and wellness world is that balance isn't static- it's not a destination to reach but a way of life- readjusting when things don't feel right, trying new tools and tactics until we find the ones that fit in that season and shifting when we need to. The Healthy Balanced Mama Podcast is here to bring you expert advice, tips and tools for whatever season of mom life you're in, as well as inspiring stories of finding balance in the messy journey we call motherhood. These are the tools and conversations I wish I had years ago, and I so hope they help you redefine balance, in your season of life. I'm so glad you're here!

street cred: classically trained chef/certified health coach/busy mama/over-sharer

I'm on a mission to help you redefine balance.

Hey, I'm your host Kris!

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